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Protecting your home and family

It’s never been more important to protect those you love. Life’s complicated enough when you are fit, well and have a steady income. No one needs the added financial, practical and emotional problems that a death or critical illness can bring. But sometimes, without warning, these things happen.

Protection insurance can’t stop death or a critical illness, but it can make dealing with the financial consequences a lot easier.

What are the options?

Life cover could provide for your family if you die or become terminally ill. Critical illness cover could give you a lump sum if you were diagnosed with a critical illness like cancer, heart attack or stroke if it meets the plan’s definition of that illness.

The money you’d receive after a successful claim could help to maintain your standard of living while you’re ill, or help pay the bills that continue to come in while you recover. It could perhaps help to pay for private medical care, or to see a consultant who specialises in your condition. It might even help to pay for modifications to your home if that’s what you need.

Don’t leave it to late, lets talk about now and that’s one less think to work about.

Protecting your business by letting it protect you!

Have you ever stopped to think about what might happen to your business if you lost one of your key members of staff or what would happen to your family if the event of you becoming ill for dying? You might already have insured your premises, equipment and stock, but what about the people who play the biggest part in your organisation’s success?

For example if you or your best sales person became critically ill, how would the income you or they bring to your business be replaced? Does anyone else have the same expertise?

Is it time to review your current plan?

Perhaps you already have insurance for your key people in place, but does it offer real value? There are products on the market that offer a ‘menu’ facility, which means you can pick and choose different types of cover in one plan to suit your exact needs and budget. This can give you more comprehensive cover and can even help reduce the cost. And some products offer more than just the financial pay out, such as help finding a temporary replacement.

Is it really worth the risk?

Even a small amount of cover is better than having none at all. Without any business protection you could end up risking everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

How exposed is your business borrowing?

Like most businesses you may have borrowed money to provide the working capital you need to run your business. You may have borrowed this money from the bank, or lent your own capital to the business.

Bank Loans

If you have a bank loan then you need to consider how you would service this loan if you lost a key business owner or manager through death or serious illness. Could you guarantee that the bank would be party to a recovery plan, or would they just recall the overdraft and close the business down?

Personal Security

This is even more important if you have been asked to provide personal security, in particular where the bank has taken a charge over your house. This could mean that in the event of your death your family could be reliant on your co-owners’ ability to service the debt to keep a roof over their head.

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